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Journey to College Made Easy


This four-module course takes the stress and complexity out of the college financial planning process. You will get the tools and support you need to navigate the ins and outs of college financing and learn how to save thousands on the cost of college.



This online course includes:

  • 4 Modules with Coaching from one of the industry’s thought leaders.
  • Live “Office Hour” Sessions so you can get all your questions answered.
  • Ongoing Access to the College Planning Technology used throughout the course. This technology is only available to planning professionals. I provide this access to my students.
  • Class Weeks: 1/25/21, 2/1/21, 2/8/21, & 2/15/21 – modules are released each week.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: 1/29/21, 2/5/21, 2/12/21, & 2/19/21 at 3pm PT

Pay Less for College!

Through access to your portal you will learn where your family may receive significant discounts off the cost of college so you can build a college list filled with schools that are a good financial fit! Your child can continue to build their list by searching for colleges based on maximizing merit and/or need-based aid.

Forms & Figures

Probably the least fun step 😊, but after going through this session you will be familiar with the FAFSA and the CSS Profile, so jumping in and completing these forms while avoiding common mistakes will be a breeze.

You’re In!

This is probably the most fun step, when your child has received all their acceptances. Learn how to analyze financial aid award letters and develop strategies to reach out to colleges and get more aid. Just like many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this! Knowing the right way could get you thousands of dollars of additional aid.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Create your best strategy to pay for college considering all your sources of money to fund college. Prepare this with a click of a button for all the colleges on your child’s list.

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