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How I Can Help

Over the years, I’ve developed an array of services in response to the needs of my families. Click below for more information or to register for our Guided Instruction, in-depth Pay Less for College program or for One-on-One Consulting on an hourly basis.

Guided Instruction

If you are a DIYer at heart, but want to get a place to launch from, this course is for you. If you have a freshman, sophomore, junior, or rising senior it’s the perfect time to jump in.

You will get an in-depth module on each step of Peg’s proprietary process, Journey To College Made Easy. She will walk you through the development of your unique college planning portal that will be yours to use ongoing at the completion of the course so you can continue with your college financial planning.

Pay Less For College Program

This program is for the family that really wants the one-on-one guidance from Peg.

Together we will do a deep dive to look at your family’s unique situation. At the end of this engagement you will have a thorough understanding of financial aid, and more importantly, where you fit financially at the different schools on your child’s list. You will have visibility into the colleges that will offer discounts on the cost of college.

Peg will also introduce you to the college planning technology that she uses for her families. You will have ongoing access to this tool after the program. You will be able to add colleges, do college searches with different search parameters, and create reports at a click of a button. You will also have access to a merit scholarship database.

You will be able to guide your child as they continue to build their college list with academic, personal, AND financial fit in mind.


One-on-One Consulting

Hourly Consulting is meant to tailor to the needs of the family. Some parents need laser-focused guidance on a specific area of the process or they need support around their unique financial or family situation.

Common areas of guidance are:

  • Financial aid forms coaching and review
  • Financial aid award analysis
  • Strategizing for and making financial aid award appeals
  • Development of asset distribution strategies
  • Creating strategies to include outside funding that don’t reduce your financial aid package
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