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This course, Journey To College Made Easy, is an offer made by Way to the Quad, LLC, a Washington limited liability company (“WTTQ”). The course does not include investment-related or legal advice and all tax recommendations should be reviewed by your tax-advisor/preparer prior to implementation. The college data provided represents averages that are published by the individual colleges.

Limitation of Liability. Way to the Quad (WTTQ) will use its best efforts to meet the Student’s goals. HOWEVER, WTTQ does not guarantee any results, including, but not limited to which college will accept Student and what financial resources are available to Student. In the event of any claim or dispute, Client waives recovery against WTTQ, its agents and employees, for any amount in excess of the fees charged by WTTQ and paid by Client.

Time Limitation. Purchaser of the course is entitled to use the course website and associated materials (e.g., College Aid Pro) so long as WTTQ remains a going concern, but only for their personal use as pertaining to children under their care. Should a purchaser fail to log into the course website or College Aid Pro for more than 120 days, their account will be removed. It can be reinstated at no additional cost by emailing such request to Any data stored in that account will have been removed due to inactivity, but access will be restored again for use.

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