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As if it wasn’t overwhelming enough that my daughter had reached the age where we needed to start looking at colleges, the reality of applying for financial aid to make it happen was equally daunting. I could not be more thankful that a friend recommended Peg at Way to the Quad after hearing her speak at a high school event. We sat side by side and went line by line through those miserable forms. Peg had an amazing amount of knowledge. Not only did she understand the ins and outs of the forms, but she knew exactly what each school would want and what little adjustments to make in order to secure the best financial package for us. She was able to explain the items I found confusing and help me to better understand how the entire process works. I have to say that she was spot on. We received what we were hoping for. I have zero doubt that without her help we would not have come even close to receiving the help we are getting next year. This was the first investment towards my daughter’s years at Stanford and it was money well spent. Thanks Peg.

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