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I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful, professional assistance to my family as we worked through our first time applying for college financial aid.  Although my daughter attended a high school with a good college counseling program, I found parents like myself pretty much “on our own” when it came to applying for aid. My personal finances are not complex, but I nonetheless found the process daunting, particularly because the directions for the aid forms are minimal and making errors regarding what and how to report one’s data can be so costly. I knew from attending one of your seminars that you were knowledgeable and approachable, but I also greatly appreciated when working with you that you were so focused on my circumstances during our sessions, so responsive to my follow-up questions, and so genuinely interested in helping me with matters once the aid offers were received. I especially want to thank you, too, for being so frank, yet not judgmental. I have worked with financial advisors in the past who have seemed rather disinterested in my outcomes because I was not, shall I say, a financial high roller. You made our meeting times a cost-effective approach to working through the financial aid process and I have truly valued your support.

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