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Peg’s course and accompanying web portal have alleviated so many questions, concerns and unknowns for us!  As divorced parents, it was simple for one or both of us to attend her courses and handle concerns that are very specific to separated families.  It was rare that Peg didn’t have the immediate answer, but if she didn’t then she would research the answer and get back to us.  Peg and her course are amazing resources and we wholeheartedly recommend it!

“I just wanted to send you an email THANKING YOU for your course and webinars to prepare me for the dreaded FASFA date of today, October 1st!
I felt like I knew what I was doing, where to get my information and I was able to open my College Aid Pro Program to use as a reference.  I also went back into Canvas and had you walking me through the steps again from your class recording. 
Thank you Thank you!! It was a painless process thanks to you!”

“Let me say, Peg really makes this class! The information she provided, and her straightforward delivery made this class well worth my time. This was exactly the information I was looking for to help us prepare to send two kids through college at once. Now I know what to expect from the financial aid process, what colleges are thinking, how to navigate it all and what to do to plan ahead. I feel prepared and relieved. Thank you, Peg!”

“I am a mother of triplets who are HS seniors. Thinking about having a huge debt to send them to colleges at once totally stressed me out.

I took Peg’s zoom course. She is very knowledgeable and understands our stress and concerns as parents. I have learned not only what I need to consider to make college as affordable as possible, but I also got access to the college planning technology that comes with the course. Peg’s step-by-step instruction made it easy for me to understand the process of financial planning as well as navigating the technology. This technology was a useful tool for me to discuss affordability and financial planning with my kids when they were selecting colleges.”

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